High Resolution

For fine feature detail, complex geometries, and thin walls, ProtoCafe offers the highest resolution 3D printing technologies and rapid prototyping methods available on the market.

In addition to possessing the best technology, ProtoCafe understands that the post-processing of parts is the other component to achieving the highest quality. Through years of experimenting, we have developed proprietary post-processing methods that will ensure phenomenal parts that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

For high resolution parts, we offer:

  • MicroFine resolution, layering in .0005”
  • Fine resolution, layering in .002”

Because our technology can layer at such a high resolution, these prototypes are capable of being watertight for applications that require impermeable parts that do not distort from liquid absorption.

The geometry of your part will determine which processes are best suited for your project, and we will advise you on your options.

Standard tolerance is .001-.002” per inch.