Welcome to ProtoCafe!

ProtoCafe is the industry leader in the Bay Area for design, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing services. Having developed the 3d printing market in the San Francisco Bay Area, for the past 10 years ProtoCafe has continually pushed the boundaries of design and fabrication along with our clients. We provide our customers with end-to-end solutions from concept to prototype, through design iterations, to low and mid-volume production.

Our Value Proposition

Zero Loss. Zero Disclosure.

Our new state of the art facility offers an extraordinary level of security and effective physical security controls throughout our premises. We provide secure, restricted, access controlled work environment for all development, production, & storage areas.


Our speed is unparalleled, we’ve been known to turn 3D printed parts in less than a day. We work with our customers and provide them with a variety of options to meet their quality and aesthetics all while staying within their required time frame.


We start by investing in only the highest accuracy technology to deliver superior results to our customers. Our quality procedures follow strict ISO compliance to ensure the best quality products. Every order must meet our quality standards.


People come to us because we can fabricate what no one else will even attempt. We have never no-bid a customer but are always up front regarding the complexity of a project. Our manufacturing experts will try to build the impossible!

Client Testimonials