Full Color

ProtoCafe offers full color 3D printing as an option for clients that are interested in industrial design concept models where form and complex visualizations are the primary concern. Whereas model finishing might be too laborious and time consuming, these prototypes are built quickly and with color embedded directly into the part during the build process, not merely on the surface.

This process is the quickest and simplest method of turning 3D CAD data into physical colored models. With fine resolution, a large build envelope, and 390,000 unique color combinations, this prototyping process can produce some astounding results that would be difficult to replicate any other way.

Although clients love the full color possibilities, monochrome models are also possible as a substitute for foam form models.

Special Requirements:

Because of the color component, a simple .STL file will not suffice for this technology. ProtoCafe requires clients to provide file formats that support color mesh (VRML, PLY, 3DS, and ZPR). Also, because the natural color of the model material is white, any uncolored portion of the file will appear white.