3D Scanning & CAD

For those clients that may not have an appropriate file type for rapid prototyping, ProtoCafe is here to help! We have two services to help you generate the appropriate file type:

3D Scanning

  • If you have a physical object, but lack the 3D file then 3D scanning allows us to capture surface data which can then be reverse engineered to provide a parametric model for editing and further redesigns.
  • For a quote, you can send us a photo of the part with a ruler next to it for scale.

CAD Design

  • If you have an idea in your head and maybe a few drawings, ProtoCafe engineers are available to assist you in taking those ideas and developing them further. Our team will work closely beside you to ensure that the 3D representation produced is as close as possible to your intended concept. The output will be a parametric geometry file (IGES/STP) that can be edited in any CAD software.